Many of you who read this are aware of friends, family members or work colleagues who exude wisdom. In the bible, we all can think of King Solomon who was renowned for his wisdom in the Old Testament.  

When I think of wisdom I immediately come up with men and women of God who have a lot of life experience. Deliberating further I have come up with the following using the word WISE;  

W – Words limited. In Proverbs, we read when words are many sin is not absent and those who speak few words are wise.  Generally, people who say less are often wiser and have learnt to practice listening more than talking.  

I – Interest in others and mentoring younger Christians, people who put others ahead of themselves and are keen to disciple others. In the past, I have spent time with and benefited greatly from older believers who guided me in my faith and helped me out.  

S – Sensitive to one another – people who are sensitive to other people’s circumstances and feelings and do not offend other people or rush into a situation.  

E – Encouragers, people who recognise the importance of encouraging other people in whatever circumstances and bless other people through words, prayers and actions   Remember that true wisdom comes only from God.

Although God uses other means like other people to teach us wisdom, be careful to evaluate such other sources. While they may seem insightful, screen everything against the wise words recorded in the bible as it is God-inspired and breathed.  

I quite often when making a decision draw on advice from more mature Christians and we need to continually ask God for wisdom and discernment to make the right choices. 

Wise people generally, put their trust in God and do not rely on themselves, when we learn to do this we realise He is the true guide and can show us direction in our lives. Acquiring wisdom does not come quickly but can decades, immerse yourself in Scripture and spending time with God in prayer and with mature Christians.

Jonathan Moore

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