Many of you have read John Mark Comer’s book the Ruthless Elimination of Hurry or are currently absorbing its contents. If you are like me you enjoy nothing more than reading the book in your car overlooking the Racecourse on a wet Sunday, November afternoon for one to two hours at a time or driving to Delapre Park and sitting in your car reading this wonderful exposition of practical Christianity with an outlook over one of Northampton’s finest listed buildings and open parkland. 

For me so much of the book makes sense and is so relevant in many ways to daily Christian living. It is quite hard to comprehend the author is in fact 3 years younger than me and at the age of 40 has amazing knowledge, wisdom and maturity expected of someone at least 20 to 30 years his Senior. His passion for Jesus is so apparent and his faith so important to him. This is most admirable.

In terms of today’s topic, Comer talks in detail about the need to slow down, avoid being overly busy and just relax and not rush around like there is no tomorrow. We all need to take a chill pill, pardon the colloquialism.

In my personal opinion, his comments and general remarks make not only good reading but more importantly is sound, wise advice from a young man that has barely reached middle age but speaks from experience, from applying and recommending the utilisation of basic biblical principles and through being mentored by other older Christians.who have discipled him over many years presumably?

Generally in the year 2020, every one of us and sorry for the generalisation are undeniably in a hurry, as we rush to take the three kids to school, breaking the speed limit at the same time, driving at 40mph in a built-up residential street 10 mph above the legal speed limit set at 30mph for a reason.

At the same time, we can’t spend two minutes without checking our phones for text messages and impatiently checking our emails even at home every half an hour on our Google Chromebook or Smartphone or at work every few minutes.on Microsoft Outlook.

We even three times year get in our cars and rush out to that church members meeting trying to get there on time before Pastor Adam introduces the meeting and commences the introductory prayer and worship time led by our very own Steve Town or Owen Dawkins.  Does this all sound vaguely familiar?

Why is it that nearly 50 per cent of the attendees arrive not 10 minutes early but two or three minutes before the meeting actually commences?

Furthermore, we get into work in the morning well before 8 am just in time to grab that quick Starbucks Skinny Latte or Capuccino when the doors open and just in time to check those 20 emails received overnight having just left the office the evening before at 5.20 pm or like me grab a coffee at Greggs and bacon roll often well before 8am?

So why do we all rush around like madmen? ( and women)?

Generally, we are al very impatient and don’t know how to relax and whether it is driving, eating, sleeping or socialising with close friends we have to do everything rapidly and can’t even meet with your best friend at Costa Coffee, Riverside for more than 30 minutes without rushing off to the next appointment, what a shame. In summary ask God to help you slow down, to relax and maybe rather than drive to the shop which is only a mile away, walk or even cycle assuming that you don’t have more than two bags of shopping to purchase? This may make you smile but it is all true and relevant to most of us.  If you want to chat pick up the phone and we can exchange anecdotes, Bless you today

Jonathan Moore

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