Every one of you who watches Saturday night television will be all too familiar with the well-established X-Factor a popular singing competition that has produced global superstars such as One Direction, Little Mix and Leona Lewis and even more.  

Many aspire to be budding singers or vocalists but very few are at the required standard to make an impact and reach the latter stages of a competition that is entered by thousands of young people every year many who are sadly deluded and persuaded by unrealistic family members who think their sons or daughters have a talent that is clearly overestimated by them.  

While very few people will ever obtain the much sought after X Factor as Christians we should all aspire to acquire something much greater what I call ” The J Factor”  

So, Jonathan what could you possibly be saying?  

As believers young and old, inexperienced and mature our ultimate aspiration and goal is to become more like Jesus and acquire many of the Fruits of the Spirit as defined in Galatians in the New Testament.  Jesus evidently was sinless, He was perfect and demonstrated love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, self-control and many more wonderful traits. He was able to resist temptation at the evil hands of the devil and set an example of humility to his disciples even washing their feet and leading by example in all aspects of life through His teaching, miracles and compassion.  

This is what I call The J Factor. ( J for Jesus)  There are very few believers that can honestly say they can demonstrate all Fruits of the Spirit, that they are always honest, always obeying the Ten Commandments and always inspiring to younger Christians.  

By cultivating a deep, meaningful and truly intimate relationship with Him, being led daily by the Holy Spirit, by spending time in prayer, reading the inspired Word of God and getting to know Him better we can begin to acquire the J Factor and over time we will become more and more like Him and people will see in us that we are different, we possess a Life worth living for and a real distinguishable purpose that is rare, unique and contagious.   

Let us wake up tomorrow, seek to glorify Him in all we do and ask Him for more passion, fire and love so that we can progress our God-given faith and move to a position in our spiritual walk where we can confidently say we are acquiring the J Factor. Amen.

Jonathan Moore

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