With just under 2 days until Election Day on 3 November and early voting already well underway, many Americans are approaching the presidential election with a sense of uncertainty that goes beyond their traditional concerns over whether their candidate will come out on top. These worries predate President Donald Trump’s recent comments suggesting that, because of the potential for problems with voting by mail, the election will be so flawed that he may not relinquish his office.  The election is right around the corner and there are 3 possible outcomes: Joe Biden will be the new president, Donald Trump will continue as president, or the results of the election will be unclear and emotions and accusations will be running high.

There will be a brief transition period following the election, allowing a new president to select cabinet members and make plans. In January, ,it is anticipated that the new president (or returning incumbent) is sworn in at an event called the inauguration. The 20th Amendment to the Constitution – ratified in 1933 – mandates inauguration take place on 20 January. 2021

After a ceremony at Congress, the president makes his way back to the White House in a parade to begin their four year term.  Trump as current President commenced his unenviable role in 2016 after a close fought fight with Hilary Clinton.

But what will happen after the election result comes about in November 2020? A question everyone of us are asking ?  It is impossible to predict with certainty how the 2020 election will turn out. Similarly, there is no way to know how the public may react to the possibility of a disputed election that leads to a long period in which the results are not known or any of a number of other possible electoral outcomes?  

However, some have found that majorities of Americans have at least resigned themselves to the possibility that they will not know the election winner on the evening of November  3. And that sentiment, unlike so many others relating to politics in this polarized era, is shared equally across party lines.  

Come election night, political followers like myself like nothing more than to grab a bottle of lemonade and watch the results come in till the early hours of the morning. In the West, most people have all grown accustomed to knowing the results of an election almost immediately after the polls close. But this being 2020, voters are going to have to temper such expectations.

Speculation is rife that Trump may refuse to step down should he lose in November, with the president failing to give a straight answer over whether he will accept the result of the vote.  Every presidential candidate to lose an election has conceded power, meaning Trump’s refusal to follow suit would “take the US into unchartered territory and it is not clear how it would play out”.

My personal view is that things may get even worse before they get better.  After 3 November whatever the outcome, there could easily be an increase in civil unrest all over the USA. The US department store Wall Mart has announced very recently that they will consider stopping selling guns to prevent US citizens taking part in inevitable violence.

If Trump loses, he has threatened to leave the US despite claiming to put ” America First”. Let us hope he does not leave the USA and then emigrate to the UK and establish more golf courses in north eastern Scotland / Aberdeenshire!! Perhaps the UK is too small a country for this man’s ambitions and ego-centriism.

If Trump loses perhaps, more women will try and put themselves forward for future leadership roles in Politics as they prove a point that women’s views need heard more especially after Trump’s unacceptable mis-ogynistic opinions and getting their voice appreciated by all. 

Another question is will Joe Biden allow the Mexican border wall to be completed after only half of it has been built under the Trump administration?

We all know Trump stance on racism and immigration, perhaps Biden would allow inward migration into the USA from strongly Islamic nations like Egypt and Somalia after banning 7 countries from entering his country and considering 7 more.

Again, how would Biden take forward climate change? Will he for example be more sympathetic to Greta Thunberg’s strong views and sign up to fossil fuel reductions despite Trump’s reluctance to take forward Obama’s Paris Agreement. In a nod to liberal voters, who have been somewhat unenthusiastic about Mr Biden’s candidacy, the Democrat said the expansive climate plan will be funded by a mix of government funding and increasing the corporate income tax rate from 21 to 28 per cent to ask “the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share”.

On another point, how would be address COVID and try and reduce number of US cases, deaths and exposure to this lethal virus.  His Pandemic plans have been in the ether since March and he promises to ramp up test and trace programmes, address ethnic disparities in COVID and re-build pandemic readiness programmers abandoned by Trump. It is very apparent that Joe Biden holds health care close to his heart as his lost his first wife and daughter in a car crash in 1972 and his son to cancer in 2015

In the best-case scenario for Biden, he would be elected in a landslide, and the Democrats would flip the Senate, taking control of both chambers of Congress. If that happens, Biden and his team could enact their most ambitious plans for a presidency with the same feel as Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s, which saw the sweeping New Deal recovery and relief programs in response to the economic crisis of the 1930s.

In terms of personality Biden is quite evidently a less charismatic , less ego-centric person who is not as self -absorbed as Trump with a character that is much more modest, more reserved and less arrogant.

Furthermore , Mr Biden has criticised Mr Trump’s “America First” nationalism and the Democrat is much keener on building relationships with America’s allies. Mr Biden will look to repair some relationships, including with NATO and the World Health Organisation.  Biden says he will raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans, which he defines as those with an income of more than $400,000 per year. He wants to impose a marginal tax rate increase – so the more a worker earns over that threshold, the more tax they must pay.

Trump has promised to seek a COVID Vaccine under ” Operation Warp Speed” and also improve the economy and general job creation.   Trump also promises more support to the Police even following recent brutality against Black Americans with the George Floyd case and more recently Walter Wallace Junior.  He also wants to retain the 37 per centincome tax rate for high earners.

In terms of christian views, it is worth considering the following further? Remember that we are chosen for this time in history to make a difference to be salt and light and the love of God manifested in everyday life. So step up and do what God is calling you to do before the election continuing in prayer and fasting.

Jonathan Moore

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