A large proportion of Christians are very involved in their local church with some involved in serving God in more than one ministry whether that be the prayer team, worship team, Youth work, welcoming, eldership or refreshments team for example.

Sadly at the same time, there are many people who enjoy attending church every Sunday morning without fail but do not get involved in joining a team in some instances for a valid reason.

Perhaps one suffers from ill health or mobility or is restricted by old age.

On the other hand, some people enjoy turning up, singing modern worship songs and benefitting from listening to the Pastor’s sermons but suffer from apathy or are quite content letting the committed few undertake the running of the church.

If you identify with the above, perhaps you need to ask yourself some key questions and seriously consider and pray into this position that you have adopted?

  • What is preventing me from serving God on a Sunday?
  • Am I too busy to get involved?
  • Is it acceptable to take each Sunday but not ” Give”.?
  • What would God want me to do?

If you are not involved even in a basic role, why not ask God where your talents lie or speak to your Pastor or family to discern what you are good at?

Remember that there are always Team Leaders crying out for new Team members and you do not have to be an expert just willing to learn and ready to serve.

Serving God is highly important and most fulfilling. As Leader of the Welcome Team, I have found great satisfaction over the last number of years in my role and have the lovely Karen Coleman to thank for approaching me to take over this position when we were on the old building. I have not looked back since and have developed and progressed skills of encouragement, organisation, grown in confidence and developed a wonderful passion for people and this is coming from a person who at times is very bashful in group situations.

So before dismissing the idea, ask God for direction and next time you come to church seriously consider joining a team, and in this way actively serving God, establishing purpose and in so doing making new friends for life through the team you join.

Jonathan Moore

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