Many who read this have been blessed with the gift of children and as parents are no doubt proud of their sons or daughters as they attend school and grow in faith.

At the same time, there are many women who cannot have children perhaps for health reasons or simply are content without children.

Parents who do have children are very much blessed by their presence and watching them grow up through primary, secondary and tertiary education and pursue their dreams into adulthood.

As an uncle to a 9-year-old niece called Hannah it has been lovely being able to attend many of her birthdays and see her grow day by day.  In fact, recently I was able to send her a gift and she called me on the phone to thank me.  I was shocked that I had just enjoyed a conversation with a nine-year-old in terms of her maturity and vocabulary, I thought I was actually speaking to someone 40 years her senior. That is not an exaggeration and will make you smile.

As a church, it is refreshing to see the value placed on children’s work and how great women of God like Andrea and Jodie are devoted to working diligently and encouraging children and youth in their faith and development. This merits admiration, please keep encouraging them both.

I have friends from church with young children and it is a joy and pleasure to see the love from their parents as they interact. This is so clearly evident and so good to see them be nurtured into the church. There is nothing sweeter than watching a mother hold her baby in her arms and cuddle him or her and seeing a smile develop over her face as a consequence.

Although many people are called to marriage and have children, there are still many people who are single and may never have children and again we should be sensitive to this, encourage such people and realise that this is also nothing to be ashamed of.

Every person has a different experience and story to tell but as we close remember Jesus made time for and loved children, he wants us to support and encourage them and give thanks to God for such a wonderful gift and blessing.

Jonathan Moore

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