Whatever your background or personality, outside of our standard working day we all spend time differently, some of us use our evenings to go to the gym, others may watch TV, meet up with friends for coffee, walk the dog or go jogging in your local park.  

As a 42-year-old and having been a Christian for over 30 years much of my time outside work is spent watching TV or spending time on my LapTop listening to contemporary Christian worship songs or catching up on the BBC Web page or sports results from the French Open Tennis.  

At the weekend I enjoy nothing more than getting together with friends for coffee or breakfast, shopping at Riverside Retail Park, swimming, watching sport on TV and staying up late to write articles or surf the internet.   However, you use your time it is a gift and in giving your time God gives you the opportunity to serve Him. When you give your time to God, He promises that no opportunity will be wasted.  

It is quite apparent that we all live busy lives, as well as working over 40 hours per week some of us have family responsibilities and find it difficult to fit in time with God in our daily schedules.  

As believers even if we are married we need to find time each day to spend time with God whether that be listening to a Christian worship CD in the car in the half-hour drive home from the office and praying into the lyrics used, reading your bible before going to bed, praying with a friend once a week as part of a huddle or prayer partnership or reading the daily reflection by an elder on YouTube and praying into the subject matter. I am quite fortunate that I find time to meet up with an older Christian from church on a Monday evening for prayer, can attend a weekly bible study outside of Lockdown and also spend time in prayer or read the UCB Word for Today.to gain wisdom from older Christians.   If your only time spent with God is once a week on a Sunday for an hour on YouTube then you need to re-evaluate your time and focus as this is clearly not enough time spent with God each week.  

As He should be our best friend, we need to get into the practice of spending several hours a week in His company and find time to cultivate an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father who wants to meet with us and get to know each one of us better.  

If we spend more time each week watching Coronation Street that in one to one prayer there is something amiss here and we need to re-focus our eyes and plan our diary in a different manner.  Some Christians will be more mature and passionate than others which is fine but remember always try to spend as much time as possible in His company and as you do so you will increasingly enjoy your time with God and this will give you the desire to keep spending more and more time with Him.

Why not invoke a conversation with one of the elders and ask them how they manage to plan their week, we have men like John Ditchburn who prays from 6.30 am on a Saturday and clearly has a wonderful passion for prayer and change, we can learn a lot from other Christians who know how to plan their weeks to glorify God.

Jonathan Moore

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