When I was much younger many people remarked to me that I was always smiling and I was often complimented by others on this pleasant attribute of mine.

Being born on a Wednesday, as the saying goes Wednesdays child is full of wow was certainly not an accurate description of a young man that enjoyed life and my mum would often remark on this , which was clearly not true of her youngest son.

Many years later as a leader at my church Youth Group the teenagers I worked with gave me the nickname ” Smiler ” which again was another reminder of the positive influence I had on people reflected in my enjoyment of life.

A few years ago, I was ordering a coffee on my way to work in Starbucks in Market Square and the two ladies serving me commented that I must be popular at my work place with such a lovely smile. This comment really encouraged me that day and made me feel so blessed.

It is very interesting to observe and note people’s personality traits and characteristics and how everyone has their own way of making an impact whether it be through a smile, a sense of humour, word of encouragement or ability to pass a compliment.

I am very blessed in that I generally enjoy life thanks to my work, church, friends and as a consequence I am able to reflect this through my God given smile. Unfortunately not everyone is in the same boat as this and can find life a struggle due to ill health, unemployment, depression or loneliness.

What is most important is not that someone is always smiling but that whatever you are going through you are honest and real with people and if life is not always rosy that you can be open with your family and friends and never conceal your true feelings.

God calls us to be honest at all times and remember that you have a Father who loves you with an unconditional love and is ready to comfort you at all times and offer a listening ear. Remember there is is only one true source of contentment in life and that is through a committed relationship with your Heavenly Father who is the source of happiness , blessing and daily encouragement surpassing any earthly companion.

If you feel down and need a friend you can call me anytime and if you need to chat or meet for coffee in confidence I can offer you a brother who will not judge you or condemn you but will get along side you and share with you the amazing hope i have in a Father than is beyond comparison and is ready to offer you the same. Amen.

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