When I was growing up, my brother as a hobby used to enter competitions through magazines, newspapers and many other sources. Over the years he was highly successful in winning a variety of items including bicycles, T-shirts, books, sets of tyres for a car, games, footballs and many other useful day to day items.

I guess the more you enter the higher the probability is of winning and if you enter regularly you will win at some stage. He was just very good at entering competitions.

Most of us have a competitive tendency by nature and love winning whether that be beating a friend at a game of tennis or simply winning at a game of Scrabble or a table quiz.

This character trait extends to our l day to day life and we don’t like seeing our neighbours having a more expensive car than ourselves, building a bigger house extension or buying the latest mobile device that is better than our own.  For many, it is only natural to compete with and compare ourselves to others.

As a believer, we need to not compare ourselves to others but to try and live our own lives and be thankful and appreciative of what God has given us.

Don’t get me wrong it is nice to be able to afford the latest gadget however don’t get caught up in drawing comparisons with the Jones’s as this only, leads to jealousy and can cause resentment of others.

As Christians, we are called to accept our situations and give thanks to God through adopting a ” Gratitude Attitude” praising Him for what we have and for His provisions each day.  Through taking this standpoint we will obtain contentment and not see to need to compete with our neighbours who may or may not have more material wealth than ourselves.  

Let us thank God for our neighbours and offer a prayer for them each day that they will receive God’s blessings and that they may receive what we have, something far more valuable than materials possessions, a  relationship with the Most High God that by far surpasses any earthly possession. Bless you, today.

Jonathan Moore

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