Most of you will enjoy nothing more than listening to your favourite music on You Tube , whether that be secular or christian songs. or playing your best CDs whilst driving to work in your car. 

I must say that I try and listen to You Tube in the evenings and at weekends and enjoy the songs of Westlife, JLS, Backstreet Boys, David Gray , Elton John and the Light house Family. We all have different tastes and whether you like Boy bands like me or other groups it is good to be able to spend time and chill out at weekends listening to music.

In terms of christian worship I enjoy Matt Redman, Jarrod Cooper, Phil Wickham and Delirious and my favourite praise songs include King of Kings Majesty, Lord I come to you, Water He turned into Wine and My Jesus My Saviour the latter of which was my chosen song at my Baptism in Bretton Baptist Church in Peterborough in April 2002..

I really enjoy the worship we share at Broadmead each Sunday and this is one of the highlights of a Sunday service as well of course as Pastor Adam’s great sermons.

It is interesting that when we think of the word worship we automatically think of music and our preferred songs however as I see it worship is so much more than singing songs of praise to our God, it is how we live our lives on a daily basis.

As christians our goal should be to live our lives from day to day bringing glory to God in all we do whether that be through menial tasks like cutting the lawn, washing the dishes or even simply the way we speak to our friends.

As believers we should seek to glorify God in all we do and as it says in the bible ” Whatever you do ..bring glory to God”. So dear friends, as we get up tomorrow morninglet us ask ourselves before we head out to work “How can I bring glory and worship to God today in all that I do?” Adopting such a focus will ensure that our day is filled with purpose and direction and will also mean that we don’t fall into the trap of self focus but rather it will re-focus our eyes onto the Lord and serving Him as best as we possibly can.

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