As a young person growing up in the 1980s and 1990s I enjoyed (and still do) nothing more than following my favourite sports stars whether that be watching Athletics, tennis, football or table tennis, mainly through the medium of television. I would have looked up to athletes like Linford Christie who still holds the British 100metres record at 9.87 seconds or Triple Jumper Jonathan Edwards who still holds the World record at 18.29metres set in Gothenburg in 1995.

In terms of tennis, I would marvel at the expertise of Pete Sampras or more recently Roger Federer the latter who is arguably the greatest male tennis player in History unless of course you are Spanish and argue that Rafa Nadal’s exploits at the French Open in recent years on clay merit this accolade. As a young person, I would have grown up watching Footballers like John Barnes, Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer, prolific England goal scorers

I have been most fortunate and truly blessed over the years to be able to watch badminton and table tennis at London 2012, viewed the World Badminton Championships in Glasgow in 1997, witnessed Commonwealth Table Tennis, International Athletics at Birmingham, London and Glasgow Indoor and Outdoors, observed England Football  Team play in Barcelona, followed Northern Ireland at Windsor Park, attended Wimbledon Tennis, International Snooker, World Tennis at the O2 arena on at least two occasions and been to Old Trafford and Wembley Stadium, watched the North West 200 motorcycling in the North Coast of Ireland, Belfast Giants Ice Hockey and more.

If you look at the internet there are many different interpretations on who is the greatest person in History, in sport some say Pele, Usain Bolt or Muhammed Ali or historically we see figures mentioned like Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton or Martin Luther King.   Sadly looking the most Influential Persons on Wikipedia the prophet Muhammed the main figure in Islam is number one, Isaac Newton number two and Jesus Christ only number three.

Whether we have a passion like me for sport, or if you follow History, Politics, TV or Music we all have people we admire and look up to for their achievements and successes. These people often act as role models and we can only admire their accomplishments and medals.

As believers, we have no doubt who is the greatest of all time and that is Jesus Christ, a man who lived a life of perfection, a man we can only admire and look up to with reverence, awe and respect and paid the ultimate price on Calvary’s Tree, not one of our earthly heroes ever died for us and rose again.  So remember while it is good to have people to admire, follow and support in Sport or otherwise, no living person can ever come close to comparing to our Saviour Jesus Christ. So don’t believe Wikipedia the most influential person is clearly Jesus Christ, not Muhammed or Newton or anyone else for that matter but the Messiah and our Saviour who in a different league to any sports star or other Historical figure who loves you with a love that no one else could possibly do. Do not ever forget that.

Jonathan Moore

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