“As we established in an earlier email, much of my university days were spent cultivating and developing a passion for evangelism partly encouraged through a close friend who I met in Glasgow called Stewart who took me under his wing, mentored me and encouraged me in my faith. Stewart is still a good friend and will remain so for life, I owe him a lot as a friend, brother and someone who has a special part to play in my life in helping me through very testing times. As a leader in the Christian Union, this friend had wonderful confidence not only in himself but more importantly in God and was able to advise me and support me as a more mature Christian and role model. As we discussed earlier, my initial desire for evangelism and love for the lost was progressed through reading books by Rebecca Manley Pippert, J Oswald Sanders, Nicky Gumbel, Bill Hybels, J John and other wonderful expounders of the gospel. My Saturday evenings were sometimes spent in the university bar, not drinking but giving out copies of the gospel of Mark or leading evangelistic courses to students who had never encountered this awesome God that was no precious to me, a fervent 20 year old seeking the fulfil the Great Commission. I would also spend time in intercession desperately praying for the salvation of a course friend names Graham who sadly I have now lost contact with and as far as I am aware is a Primary School Teacher in the outskirts of Glasgow. Graham and I used to go clubbing together, spending time together playing badminton and socialising in Glasgow’s pubs and restaurants and getting to know one another in a social context.  At the time he played badminton for the university and his younger brother was one of the top badminton players in Europe representing Scotland at junior level on multiple occasions.  We also enjoyed attending the World Badminton Championships and seeing sports finest players on our doorstep perfect their talents right in front of our eyes. To cut a long story short as Evangelism Team Leader I had the opportunity to arrange evangelistic events, training events and present seminars to the wider Christian Union on this topic that meant so much to me. As far as I see it as Christians evangelism is imperative, a command from God that is not optional but should be motivated for a love for the lost primarily.  Looking at the apostle Paul in Ephesians and Colossians he even sought to advance the gospel from a prison cell confinement. This is quite astounding and looking at the language used in Ephesians his passion was incomprehensible. From my experience it is not just about preaching on street corners but is about displaying God’s abundant love whether it be sharing a testimony, what God has done in through life, over a coffee or a meal or as simple as lending someone your newspaper on the train and having a basic conversation about your faith and praying for the salvation of a friend. If I were to give three tips about witnessing they would be as follows; ENSURE IT IS BACKED BY PRAYER-  Ask God to lay on your heart 3 people to pray for each day, pray for their salvation, for opportunities to witness to them and that God will give you moral courage to talk when the chance presents itself. If we all had the passion of John Ditchburn and Martin Hunt we could potentially see amazing things happen. In the song by Delirious ” History makers,” we can play our part in contributing to revival through the grace of God. BE REAL WITH PEOPLE- Always be yourself and never ever put on a facade of how you think you should act, people can see through acts of dishonesty and try not to be hypocritical. THERE IS NO PLACE FOR JUDGEMENTALISM- Learn to develop a love for the lost and don’t judge non-Christians by your standards. In the context of COVID, if you are still home working, you have the opportunity to be witnesses through a conversation over the garden fence, through your use of language on an office Zoom call or not getting involved in sharing gossip when catching up with colleagues over the phone.  If you are in the office, the way you approach the photocopies or avoiding inappropriate remarks about that work colleague can all contribute to our witness to others.  Remember if one person comes to Christ through our persistent prayer or through our lifestyle evangelism it is all worth it.  So to finish, I say make the most of every opportunity and embrace this time in History and let us play our part in contributing to revival in Northampton. Don’t lose faith, don’t give up and keep praying. Jonathan Moore

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