Believe it or not much of my time free time is spent watching TV and one of my favourite programmes is Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares USA.  Although I have no time for his apparent abruptness and lack of tact when dealing with other people i can only admire his desire to see change for the better as he spends his time and money transforming sub-standard restaurants in terms of amelioration of menus, decor, staff, attitudes and general cooking. This overly self-confident and seemingly pompous man is clearly world-class at what he does and deserves credit for his passion for positive change.

In a similar vein and as believers in an incomparable God we all need to have a love for practical prayer and intercession and a desire to see God transform lives, situations and circumstances for the better.

In recent times, I have also been blessed to have the desire to spend more time with my best friend and Lord in personal prayer as I continue to develop an obsession for a God who I owe everything to, who paid the ultimate price on a tree on Calvary and offers an amazing dependability to a wretch like me that no earthly friend can come close to offering a comparison with.

As a young teenage boy,  I had the privilege of attending the Keswick Convention and learning from a great expounder of the gospel in Charles Price teaching on the practice or prayer, encouraging a model of PRAY, praise, regret, ask and yourself.

Several years later as s student in Scotland’s most populous city, I read a wonderful book by Bill Hybels Too Busy Not to Pray who teaches the model of ACTS, Adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication, a pattern I try to emulate on a daily basis.

One of my biblical heroes is the apostle Paul who in Ephesians, and Colossians chapters 1 provides a wonderful example and model for prayer giving gratitude and thanks to God for his love for the people of Ephesus and Colosse while in a prison cell confinement, an example of passion that surpasses most other examples that I can find in the New Testament. If I had a fraction of his faith, I would die a happy and privileged servant of the most High God.

When I look at our own church I marvel at men of God like John Ditchburn and Martin Hunt who meet every Saturday for prayer at 6.30am and this clear passion for change is not unnoticed but an example to the rest of us of two brothers in Christ who fully appreciate and comprehend the importance of prayer in Christian living.  Men of God be encouraged today and thank you for your wonderful example, I wish I was half the man you are. Praise God for people like this. Amen.

I must say as a growing Christian, I find personal prayer difficult when there are apparent distractions and arrows from the evil one to contend with however using examples like Selwyn Hughes in His 15 Ways to a More Effective Prayer Life has taught me to put into practice such things as recording answers to prayer, adopting a consistent time for prayer and other mechanisms to avoid distraction.
For many people, praying in the morning is best when they are awake and at their freshest, i also find going to bed an hour early at least once a week to pray with the light on before going to sleep useful or praying while out for a walk and meeting up with friends regularly to pray for one another for an hour every other week.

Why not also pray regularly for our church and political leaders, for salvation of a work colleague or for healing of an ill friend asking God to give you the chance to bless one person every day through a smile, a gesture or word of simple encouragement, pray for revival in Northampton and that God will bring this nation to bow down to Him as a result of COVID 19. This is my biggest prayer today. Why not open your bible as Psalm 23 and spend half an hour in extracting the key verses and praying into this.  Why not call your friend and sister in need and offer her your prayer today for her welfare and healing? It only takes 10 minutes.

I am the first to admit that I don’t have all the answers however I can point you in the direction of people who are better prayers than me, Christians that I look up to however what I can offer you is a friend indeed if you ever need support you can call me anytime even if that is 4 o’clock in the morning, your spiritual well being is my everything.

As I close, I give you thanks for reading this, for listening to me and providing me with the blessed opportunity to write to my dear Broad mead friends, and helping me develop an obsession in an incomparable Creator God who I am proud to call my Father.

Jonathan Moore

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