The average life expectancy in the UK is around 80 years old.  In our life time we will encounter hundreds of people from different backgrounds, cultures, personalities and traits from nursery school through primary, secondary and tertiary education , working life and beyond.

But who do we look up to and who truly inspires us?

I am most grateful that I was raised in a Christian family and brought up to love others, respect my elders, work hard, respect women, love God and was encouraged in my faith from a young age. Both my parents, I dearly love and adore and have been fine examples to me displaying sacrificial love and christian witness at all times.

I am extremely fortunate to be blessed with many friends mostly believers who have had a positive influence on me, people i enjoy spending time with whether it be through sharing a coffee, a meal or meeting for prayer. I also many have friends who are older than me who have acted as mentors and display wisdom and can be sought for advice when required.

My best friend from back home has been blind for 80 years of his life and has been a remarkable inspiration to me for 20 years, through his example, outlook, general faith and fact that he has the most wonderful perspective on life. We have been on vacation together to Paris, Dublin and London and share many happy memories.  Praise God for bringing such a person into my life.  I call him a ” life time person” someone you will come across once in a life time who has the ability to inspire and set an amazing example to all he meets.

However, despite meeting lots of great people, there is only one person that will always be dependable, always present, always there for you and will never ever let you down, Jesus Christ.  No matter how good your earthly friends are, they are not perfect and can always stumble.  However this Easter let us give thanks for our Messiah, Yahweh who never disappoints and will always be there for you, through thick and thin.  The undeniable truth is that the world can let us down, but Jesus died for all of us and rose 3 days later.  What  earthly friend would be prepared to do that?

So this Sunday let us get up and spend our day giving praise and thanks to a perfect friend in Jesus who paid the ultimate price for you and me, yes you and me undeserving sinners through the cross of Calvary . We have so much to show appreciation for. Let us give him the time and adoration he deserves. Bless you all. Amen.

Jonathan Moore

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