Every time we turn on the news, watch TV or read the BBC web page we are alarmed by the increase in number of deaths as a result of COVID -19 Recently we were greeted by the irony that our own PM as well as his senior colleagues Matt Hancock and Professor Chris Witty have mild symptoms of this awful virus.

Although the virus is lethal and has affected so many on a global scale, we need to ask ourselves is there anything we can take from this in a positive light as believers in an all powerful God , all knowing God?

As far as I can see, this is a time of significant opportunity. What has encouraged me is the number of texts, calls and good wishes i have received from friends and church goers who would not normally pick up the phone to call regularly. As the weekend commences, i am looking forward  with expectation the extra free time to draw closer to God through private worship, intercession and blessing those who simply need blessing. This can be done through listening to worship songs on You tube and asking God to lay on your heart 3 people to bless this weekend.

This week I have been working in my office with another non-christian colleague and practising social distancing.  This has given me the opportunity to speak to some one I normally wouldn’t socialise with and as I spend time with this person,  God is using me daily to witness through my life style , choice of words and general encouragement.

I firmly believe that this daily encounter is not a co-incidence that I am being used by our Father God who is beyond comparison and wants His flock to ” make the most of every opportunity”.

So remember God is in control in every circumstance as He still cares for us in the midst of COVID 19 , and will always love you.  Take the opportunity today and over the weekend to reach out in Christ like love and compassion to your neighbour, family and friends, christian and non-christian alike.  

None of us know when and how this will end but what we do know is we have a God that is bigger than all this and that has the power to move mountains. Bless you today. Jonathan Moore

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