The other day I had the pleasure and privilege of speaking and praying with Phil W, a man also exuding much wisdom.  We are blessed to have a lot of Godly folk in our fellowship. Praise God for people like these.

As I reflected on his wife’s message from back in March,  the thoughts came to my mind of the word Lucifer and what the devil is doing to distract us from our Heavenly Father as this time of challenge.

As we live from day to day, the evil one will do his utmost to try and enter our lives and as some of us may contract symptoms of COVID 19 like our PM he will be there laughing at him.  So what can we do today to distract Satan and what can we do to ensure we come closer to God;  Here are some suggestions:

1- Spend more time in prayer-  pray for work colleagues, friends from church and our political and medical leaders who work tirelessly for our good

2 Listen to worship songs on YouTube, some of my favourites are King of Kings Majesty,  Water He turned into wine, My Jesus My Saviour,  When the Music Fades and Lord I come to you and many more, also see History Maker ( Delirious)

3 Bless someone today- why not call someone from church who is vulnerable due to their health, age or status and offer them words of blessing

4 Send a greeting card to your neighbours offering help of shopping

5 Pick up the phone and speak to a friend and pray with them, blessing them with a word of encouragement. I am blessed with many friends who have been an encouragement to me, men like Barry Grantham, Richard Boyd, James Smith, Naj, Peter Wisdish, Billy Davis and John Cartright, for example, and many more.

6 Adopt an attitude of gratitude- use a Psalm to thank God form his character, as Cathy W says a ” gratitude list” Why not pray into Psalm 23 and others Psalms of David and Asaph.

7 Spend more time immersing yourself in words of biblical wisdom from Proverbs for example or reading the Gospels again.

8 Avoid Pity Parties- don’t reflect too much on your own predicaments but reach out to others in prayer and acts of practical Christianity.

Jonathan Moore

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