‘I am having a Blue Christmas without you’, sang Elvis

Now if your Christmas is all full of reds, greens and other sparkle colours then maybe you don’t need to read on. However, if you are feeling even a little blue at this time, maybe read on.

I love most things at Christmas, don’t get me wrong. I have a lot of fun with the family at this time of year. Yet, I am aware that for many of us, we can feel like Elvis at times.

For many, the cost of Christmas can cause a great deal of anxiety. For others, it is having to spend time with different members of a fragmented family due to breakups. However, for others, a blue Christmas is related to missing those who have left too soon and aren’t here to celebrate with us. My dad passed away when 6 years ago. Karen’s mum 2 years ago and her dad a lot longer than that. This year it will be our 15 Christmas without him. At Christmas time we miss them all and it never gets any easier, really. I guess you just get more used to it.

Christmas always seems to be accompanied by jolly songs, ringing tills, and the expectation that you will have a good time. But that’s not how it feels for many people. Maybe your year has been hard – for whatever reason (bereavement, illness, estrangement, worry) – and Christmas seems to highlight the difficulties. Or maybe in an over-busy life, you just want space to reflect, recall, regroup.

Whatever the reason, whatever the need, I believe Jesus welcomes you into the Christmas Story to encounter as the Shepherds and Wiseman did, the Prince of Peace.

My own advent readings this year have focused on certain words and one of those has been the word ‘Peace’. Here is an excellent video which captures the depth of the word meaning more than the absence of conflict.

Therefore, if you encounter someone this season who at times seems to be going through the motions, before you call them a Scrooge, I ask you to take a minute to remember this message. While it’s the season of giving, for some of us, it’s a season of grieving. We will always be grateful for the times we shared with loved ones. This season pulls at all the emotions; try to make space for them because some are too big to handle.

If this message connects with you this Christmas then please do join us this Sunday (22 Dec) at 10am at Broadmead Community Church for our special Blue Christmas when we will be again meet in the name of a loving God. Who knows our needs, hears our cries and heals our wounds. The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light.


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