This article is part two. If you wish to read the first part please click here. To be ready to step into the flow of God and be ready. I think this is vital in three areas.

The Holy Habits we have studied this year are about preparing our hearts and our actions so that we are ready to pray, worship, witness, be generous, have fellowship, break bread, share and learn.

Brokenness. I was introduced to a new word ‘flawesome’. It means an individual who embraces their ‘flaws’ and knows they are awesome regardless. We are all broken people who are called to minister to broken people. We as a church need to recognise that we are both a pathetic whore and a beautiful bride. We come with filthy rags which are exchanged for a robe of righteousness. This community doesn’t need religion or judgement from us as a church. It needs us to be honest, real and vulnerable – to embrace our FLAWESOMENESS.

Completing the building. We still have three blocks of work to do.

A – work that cannot be done by the church.
This includes the M&E, ceilings, lift and high-level AV install.

B – works that possibly be done within the church using materials supplied, or by smaller contractors (e.g. flooring).

C – chairs, AV installation, external signage.

We have revised plans so that we can complete work to open the Auditorium and Coffee area. This will mean a temporary wall will move up the stairs to a new location and the red area below would not be in use.


As mentioned already this work has started again and will be completed by early February.

We have paid the deposit for the lift which we hope will be installed Feb 2020. This is all fully funded.

We will still need to do the flooring, stair rails, doors and finishing which is currently unfunded. What is still required I hear you ask?

To part open upstairs will cost roughly £40,000. We will then need to find additional funding to complete the rest of the work so that in time the whole of upstairs can be used.

So, church what does God require of us? As always there are two important questions to ask.

What is God saying to me? What am I going to do about it? I believe our response should be along these lines.

  • To Trust in God’s Love
  • Be ready
  • Step into the flow of God
  • There will be a gift day on Sunday 1 Dec at our two gatherings that day where we are aiming to raise £40,000 to complete the work to part open upstairs. Every little bit helps, and we ask that you consider what God might be asking you to give this Sunday. Please place it in a marked envelope which can be provided and mark it gift day. Please place it in the offering with your name on it so that we can gift aid if you are a taxpayer.
  • Please do continue to pray and join us for prayer on Friday 6 Dec at 7:30pm.
gift day

And remember





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