Well finally we are in our new home and what started off as an idea about moving way back in the summer of 2018, has ended up with us moving into a new home last Friday. A big thank you to all of you who have stood with us in prayer, helped us move or cooked us delicious meals. Thank you so much.

I am not sure why the whole process took so long but I know God has used the process to show us so much as a family. I have learnt much about being thankful in all circumstances. I have a greater understanding of what it been to be patient and waiting for God’s timing. However, I guess the biggest lesson has been God, once again, showing His trustworthiness.

As a nation next month we will be asked to vote for those who we are going to trust to lead us out of the mess that we as a nation find ourselves in. Who can we trust is a phrase I hear in the media and in conversations with people.

Who can we trust? The truth is that God is 100% trustworthy and He is the only one we can trust in fully. God invites us to trust in Him not because we will get our own way, that everything will be rosy or we will never suffer. No, we trust in God because He is God and God is fully worthy of us placing our lives in His hands. He loves us, we trust Him, as we trust Him we experience a greater depth of His love.

Recently I have been reminded of the famous passage from Proverbs on Trust.


Not only does it ask us to trust but it also asks us to submit to God.

Now there is a challenge – do I trust God 100% and am I 100% submitted to Him?

Whatever you are facing in life at the moment, maybe you might ask yourself that question. In this area am I trusting and submitting?

The Proverb finishes – He will make your paths straight.

What a promise? It doesn’t say easy or how long but it does say straight. What a faithful God we have and what a loving Father.


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