Guest Blogger – Jonathan Moore

How many times a day do we complain or grumble over trivial or minor points, things such as bad weather, or when we feel aggrieved by an unhelpful remark from a work colleague or acquaintance but fail to look at the wider picture.

In reality, the vast majority who will read this are more than blessed, in a decent job, own a car, have a roof over their heads, can afford a holiday each year and have some family who cares for them dearly. Yet despite the above, we always find time to moan to someone else yet we do not even realise how blessed we actually are.

Last week, when I was trailing through worship songs on YouTube as I do regularly, I came across a teenager from Northland church in the US called Christopher Duffley singing ” This is Amazing Grace”, he was born autistic and blind yet has been an inspiration to people worldwide and despite his disabilities has a passion for Jesus.

My best friend has lived in blindness for 79 years of his life and in the 20 years, I have known him has never once complained to me about his lack of sight.

So when you consider complaining about it been wet outside, take a perspective check, praise God for what you have and look at the bigger picture.  Whatever you are going through today, there are always people much less off than you. Remember, you are loved by God, and so blessed.  Take a perspective check. You don’t know how blessed you are!!

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