We all love a good wedding and how exciting that this Saturday we get to celebrate the wedding of John and Loreto. I do hope you are able to join them in celebrating this significant day. It is also a significant day for us as a whole church, as it will be the first lawful marriage held in the new church building (just to say we haven’t done any unlawful ones either!)

One of the reasons we love a good wedding, besides the getting dressed up, the food, the photos, the dress and the cake, is that it is so good to see a couple so obviously in love. On their special day they commit their lives to each other and it reminds us of those we love and who love us.

I, also believe, it gives us a picture of Jesus and His Church. It points us to this amazing truth that just as a man and woman become one, so we His Church are one with Christ.

You may have read the many chapters of the bible filled with the instructions given to Solomon – you may have skipped it! You may also have wondered why all those details, with all the measurements and different stones/materials were given.

Hebrew 9:24 gives us a clue when it suggests that the earthly temple was a picture of something in heaven. A copy of a greater true one in heaven. The earthly temple and all it’s grand design points towards a heavenly one.

It is just the same with marriage. That is why we read this in Eph 5:31-32.

“For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.” This is a profound mystery—but I am talking about Christ and the church.

The marriage, the man and woman becoming one, points to or shows us this incredible truth about Christ and The Church. The profound mystery mentioned is not marriage but it draws us a picture of a greater unity which is between Christ and us. We are one with Him and one day Christ will come for his bride when we will be truly one with Jesus beyond anything we can understand now.

So that is why we love a good wedding and to see love so much on show. It reminds us of greater truth and gives us a glimpse of this profound mystery that unites us with Jesus.

So, come along on Saturday and enjoy a special day but remember it’s much more than a nice dress, rings, suits, photos, food and cake. It’s points to a profound mystery and an amazing truth. We are one with Christ.

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