Months have a habit of flying by, don’t they? I’m starting to find my feet in my role as a ‘Children’s and Family Worker’, and I’m grateful to all those who have helped to support me in making the transition. There have been several people who have been incredibly patient as I have been getting my head around the administrative side of the role, and I have made my share of mistakes but we’re getting there!

I have loved getting to know the children and families who regularly come through our door. As I’m writing, a picture has come into my mind of families who enter through our doors being welcomed into a place of rest. I think of those who regularly attend Coffee Morning. As is our prayer every Thursday morning, most of those who attend will openly share their heart. Coffee Morning is living, breathing testimony of people ‘doing life together’, and I can testify to the team’s heart to lift one another’s burdens in times of difficulty and rejoice when there is cause for celebration. We also have plenty of fun together. The kids love the crafts brought by Gwen every week and we have just reintroduced a time for songs and stories. Felicity has given me a reason to be well versed in different Parent and Tots groups! Coffee Morning, however, has a distinctly Christian feel, as the team are open about their faith and will often pray with those that attend. Summer holidays can be particularly difficult for these families. Many activities are term time only therefore, some the Broadmead Summer Holiday Activities were designed with these families in mind.

There is a lovely connection between Coffee Morning and Samuel’s Nursery, both jointly serve the other and support families with young children. Animals have been Samuel’s most recent theme, and we’ve greeted rabbits, mice and a snake (thankfully, no live spiders or I would have run a mile). Last weekend, it was amazing to see Samuel’s fun day take place and see Samuel’s staff and families working together and enjoy craft, games and face painting. The Summer Holiday Activities again can be an opportunity to engage more with families who form part of our wider church community. We are also looking at providing parents with extra play sessions and supporting English language development. Once again, Samuel’s remains distinctly Christian and there is a sense of the joy and love of God overflowing to fill up the lives those whom we come into contact.

More children came into a church home as two classes Kingsley Primary School gave us a visit. Adam became a tour guide for the morning, as he took the one group pupils around the building. I don’t think some of the children could quite believe that they were in a ‘church’. It was a perfect moment to use the building to break down stereotypes of how a church building ‘should’ look. We were instead able to explain, the building belongs to the church, but the church is a people, not a building. I took the second group and shared with them God’s father heart, that God has an unbreakable, always-forgiving, never-ending love. It was a great morning, the children engaged and had plenty of questions.

Finally, the Children’s Ministry team have contributed their time to put one Children’s socials once a month. To kick off, we held a pizza and film night. The children had a great time and I was told by some parents that they slept very well that night (It’s a Win-Win). Social evenings aren’t only great fun, we’ve also had several children attend whom wouldn’t otherwise have a connection. We do play games, but the team also has an opportunity to listen and speak into what’s going to in their world. This Friday we have a party theme. Please pray that my voice returns, we had a great time at Storylines on Monday, but I got slightly over-enthusiastic with the games and need to find my voice again!
If you ever fancy joining in the fun then let me know, I’m sure the children would love to see you during the week or on a Sunday.

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