On Sunday last I was talking about Jesus’ birth, message, death and resurrection as all being political. However, we need to remember that his message was not linked to one political party because His Kingdom is not of this world. As his followers, we are first part of the Kingdom of God before we are part of this nation. However, that doesn’t mean that he does not care for the world and all that happens within it including politics.

God does care about the politics of our nation, he doesn’t care about the NHS, Schools, Policing, Crime, Business, Economic, Housing, Poverty. When we say the Lord’s Prayer, we pray ‘your kingdom come, you will be done on as earth as it is in heaven.’

In other words, we are seeking to get more of heaven onto earth. Just as we are not called just to sit back and wait until we get into heaven but rather live a life where we get more of heaven into us now. It is the same with our world. We are not waiting for all this to disappear as we get lifted up to heaven. When we pray that prayer, we are saying God helps us to get more of heaven onto earth. What does that look like? I think it is more justice, peace, health, wellbeing for everyone – because that is what God’s Kingdom looks like.

This Sunday we are going to Raise a Hallelujah. We are going to be lifting our praise and adoration to the only one who is truly worthy and bring our prayers for individuals in the church, for the community, and this nation.

“Then I heard every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and on the sea, and all that is in them, saying: ‘To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honour and glory and power, forever and ever!’” Revelation 5:13 (NIV)

Revelation paints a beautiful picture of what heaven will be like when it talks about thousands upon thousands of angels gathered around the throne of God singing, “Holy, holy, holy.” Can you imagine the sound? Can you imagine how loud it must be? It must sound something like a roar…a holy roar, dedicated to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

The Bible tells us that one day every tribe, every tongue and every nation will bow down before the Lord. Picture that. Every country, every language, every ethnicity around the world represented in a colourful, vibrant chorus worshipping the name that is above every other name. And the best part? We have an open invitation to join this choir.

Friends, God wants you to be a part of that choir—not just in heaven, but here on earth. While we will one day worship the Lord in one accord for eternity, we have the opportunity right now to praise Him with our fellow brothers and sisters. And I think this picture of what heaven will actually look like should inspire us to intentionally make our worship here on earth more diverse.

Music is a unifying force, and worship music, in particular, unites us around the One who has created all people in His image. Music levels the playing field and reveals that we are far more alike than we are different. Heaven happens right here and now on this planet every time we stand shoulder to shoulder with our fellow man and praise our Father.

God is inviting you to be a part of His choir. Will you be a part of the holy roar this Sunday?

A holy roar

Reaching for Heaven

Our praise poured out

With reckless abandon

Our worship God

Is wholly Yours

Please enjoy the new song from Chris Tomlin called Holy Roar

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