Another quiet week in politics and I am left wondering why did I choose to speak on Politics and Faith this Sunday. It just doesn’t seem to be relevant at this time for us!!! Right!!! How far from the truth can that statement be? When I planned this Sunday’s Real Talk I thought it would be good in the week we exit the E.U. for us to wrestle with the issue of God and Politics. Little did I know we would be where we are today with only just over a week to go and everything up in the air. Who knows what will happen on 29 March at 11pm? Who knows what will happen between now and then? Who knows what will happen today? Politics at the moment is a little like the start tot he 1970’s show ‘Captain Scarlett’, where they told viewers that anything could happen in the next 30 minutes.

So whether you are engaged or bored by the whole Brexit process, I can assure you that this Sunday I will offer a biblical insight to the issue of politics and faith. It will not be party political but an engaging talk on how we might be ‘salt’ and ‘light’ in politics and government.

As Desmond Tutu famously said, ‘When people tell me that the Bible has nothing to do with politics, I ask them: ‘Which Bible are you talking about?’

The Bible is full of politics – if you love your neighbour – as we are called to by Jesus, then it means caring for all aspects of their lives. You can’t divorce the personal from the social, economic, cultural and political environment in which we live.

There is an elderly lady who lives down our road. The life she lives is repeated all over the U.K. Think for a moment of an elderly person you know. Do you care that her bins are collected? or her local hospital has the drugs she needs? That her bedroom is heated? And so on. If so, if you care about people, you care about politics.

So please join us this Sunday for our Real Talk entitled Politics and Faith. Please remember we are called as a church to disagree well at all times. As Justin Welby says, ‘Politics would be extremely dull if we all agreed on everything. There is joy in diversity, and we should not be afraid to disagree with one another, but in a way that models the reconciling love of Jesus.

Good disagreement is a gift that the church can offer those around us and our politics at this time could certainly do with a healthy dose of that.

Real Talk will happen this Sunday at 9:30, 11:15 and 16:15 and we will welcome Paul Joyce (local councillor) who will be sharing his passion for this area and politics. Let us make sure we give him a great welcome and honour him for his service.

See you on Sunday and don’t forget to invite people – everyone is welcome.

In the meantime why not use these prayers to ask for God’s wisdom to be known at this vital time for us as a nation. Click here for the link to those.


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