Our Holy Habit this month is fellowship and the Greek word for fellowship is Koinonia, which is much more than just polite chit-chat at the end of a service each Sunday. It is getting involved, it’s deeply practical and relational. It requires our involvement.

Actually, I have noticed how easy it is to complain about the state of our society – the institutions, injustices, poverty and the mess our country is in. It is far harder to stop complaining and actually do something positive about it.

Following Jesus means being the church and the church doesn’t just meet, it acts.

Lent begins today. Have you ever thought how hard lent is for Rick Astley – because he is never gonna give it up!!!! Ha, Ha!!!!

But seriously, lent is about giving something up but it can also be about taking something up as well.

So this year how about being part of 40 Acts of Generosity and as a church express the love of Jesus within your community – expressing Koinonia. Let us spread generosity during this lent. Let us not be a community that just meets together but let us act for a better community in Jesus name.

To find out more please click here.

Join us this Sunday to hear more about Koinonia.


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